2018 Brookville Canoefest Sponsorship Opportunities

Canoefest crowd

Each year the annual Brookville Canoefest attracts more than 2,500 participants and visitors from not only the hometown of Brookville, but from Southeast Indiana, Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati. Participants come to the event to paddle in races on the Whitewater River, enjoy delicious chicken, play games, listen to music, relax in the beer garden, enjoy time with friends, and witness the most spectacular fireworks display in the region.

Help us celebrate the uniqueness of this event and the 50th Anniversary of paddling in Brookville. As a sponsor it is important for you to know who your audience is and how a partnership with Brookville Canoefest can help your business.

Why does a partnership with Brookville Canoefest reach your target market? Sponsorship enables you to reach people of all ages and demographics in a way traditional advertising cannot; by incorporating your message into their lifestyle. Your partnership with Brookville Canoefest creates a heightened awareness and image, tying your brand to a positive experience while demonstrating local community involvement designed to directly influence consumer behavior.

How can you creatively reach this audience? By becoming an Official sponsor of one of the categories listed below your brand/name will reach over 2,500 visitors during Brookville Canoefest weekend. Sponsors may also obtain booth space through their sponsorship or otherwise to promote their business or non-profit organization by engaging the public at the event with interactive displays, educational tools and promotional materials.



Gold Sponsor - $2,500.00

Silver Sponsor - $1,750.00

Bronze Sponsor - $1500.00

Entertainment/Stage Sponsorship
Canoefest Princess Sponsorship

Copper Sponsor - $500.00

Kids Fest
Race Sponsor

Tin Sponsor - $250.00

Paint your Canoe Sponsor
Brookville Canoefest Color me 5k run sponsorship

Award Sponsor - $100.00

In-Kind and Product Donation Sponsors

For additional information and sponsorship questions, please contact Tara Keys, Brookville Canoefest President at 765-309-5726 Or email her at tkeys@brookvillecanoefest.com or Mark Reese, Vice President of Brookville Canoefest at 513-313-1613 or email him at mreese@brookvillecanoefest.com.