Championship Races

Championship Trophy

Date: June 25, 2022

Time: 10:15 AM

(Canoe not included)

Registration: Online Registration

Franklin County Public Transportation will provide transportation back to the start after the race

Championship Race Classes
C-1 Canoe1-person team with a canoe
C-2 Standard*2-person team with standard canoe
C-2 Aluminum*2-person team with aluminum canoe
C-2 Womens*2-female person team with standard canoe
C-2 Mixed*Male and female team with standard canoe
K-1 Kayak1-person team with a kayak
*To compete in the C-2 races, your vessel must comply to the following specifications
1. It must weigh 50 or more pounds
2. It must be 18.5 feet or less in length
3. It must be wider than 15% of the length at its midpoint.

The Championship Canoe Race is 6.6 miles in length. The trip entails beautiful scenery on the entire length of the course with some Class 2 and Class 1 rapids. It starts at Morgans Canoe in Brookville by the fairgrounds on the west fork of the Whitewater River. The race continues along the river until the finish line at Morgans Canoe Rental in Cedar Grove. A shuttle will be available after the race.

Originally, this race was known as the "USCA Rules Race" but since 2010 we have run under slight modification of USCA Rules, which has widened the field and created a very competitive race. That said, obviously: These races are not USCA points races.

Racers in traditonal C-2 Standard and C-2 Aluminum Races compete for the ultimate prize, the Traveling Trophy, with winners engraved back to 1963. The winners will have their names engraved the Trophy, and will get to hold it for one year.

The Trophy was created by Brookville legend Al Brown, who played a big role in the original canoe races. It has undergone some changes, a new canoe on its top, and a new base which makes it, we believe, the largest canoe race trophy in the world. it is a legendary piece of canoe memorabilia, and continues its long history each year in the modern Canoefest races. The trophy is engraved with winners back to 1963.

Awards will available to winners as soon as results are confirmed, with the exception of the grand prize, the Traveling Trophy, which will be awarded at the Awards Ceremony. Those wishing to receive their award early in the afternoon may do so.

There will be an official awards ceremony for those who wish to receive their awards on stage, the presentation of the Travelling Trophy, and to those who wish to receive wild raucous applause from the Canoefest crowd. Those winners who are not in attendance will still have their name(s) announced at the Awards Ceremony.

Championship Race Rules

Championship Race Course Map

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