The canoe races started in 1963 as the Whitewater Valley Canoe Race! The main event was on the canal from Laurel Indiana to Brookville Indiana which flowed its waythrough the quaint little historic town of Metamora Indiana which is also home to the only existing wooden aqueduct in the United States. (The Metamora Historic District and Whitewater Canal Historic District are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.)

The Whitewater Valley Canoe Races ended in 1991. Canoefest was resurrected in 2006 with not only a change of scenery but also with a new starting line being just below the Brookville Dam Spillway on the East Fork flowing to Cedar Grove Indiana for its main event! Louisville District > Missions > Civil Works > Recreation > Lakes > Brookville Lake

While minor changes have been made year to year, the Races continue annually the last weekend in June.