Recreational Canoe Races


Date: June 25, 2022

Time: 10:30 AM

Please arrive 1 hour early at Morgans Canoe In Brookville for transportation to the start line

2 person teams

(Canoe included with registration)

Registration: Online Registration

Recreational Race Classes
C-2 Adult Male/Youth2-person team (1 male over 18 and 1 under 14)
C-2 Adult Female/Youth2-person team (1 female over 18 and 1 under 14)
C-2 Fledgling2-person team (each between 10-14 years old)
C-2 Juniors2-person team (each between 15-18 years old)
C-2 Mixed Couples2-person team (1 male and 1 female)
C-2 Mens2-person team (males only)
C-2 Womens2-person team (females only)
C-2 Seniors2-person team (combined age of at least 100 years)
K-1 Kayak1-person kayak only

The Recreational Canoe Race starts at Morgans Landing on Levee Road. The race concludes at Morgans Canoe Brookville totaling 3 miles.

These races are intended for the novice, first-timer or weekend warrior--perfect for couples, parents and children, or those just in it for the fun. The trip entails beautiful scenery on the entire length of the course.

Recreational Race Rules

Recreational Race Course Map

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