F.C. Can Information


FC CAN is an organization that was founded in 2015 in order to help Franklin County residents navigate the difficult road ahead after a cancer diagnosis.

The goal of FC CAN, a 501c3, is to provide emotional support, access to local and national resources and some financial assistance to those who are affected by cancer.

If a client is starting chemo, they will receive a Feel Better Bag. FC CAN has put together a goody bag supplied with items that will help make chemotherapy a little more comfortable: new plush robe, skin lotion, lemon drops, tea, organic soup, chap stick, thank you notes and stamps, and more! These items are things that patients don't even know they will need! But those of us who have been through it, have realized that these items are necessities!

Because most people in Franklin County must find treatment farther from home, we help fund rides through Public Transportation. These rides vary from a visit to Batesville or Oxford all the way to Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We appreciate Franklin County Public Transportation for all they do for cancer survivors!

FCCAN FC CAN is currently working on a plan to provide some funding to local pharmacies to help residents cover the cost of their cancer medications. Co-Pays and deductibles add up fast, even with insurance!

FCCAN is supported by contributions made by individuals, and through a variety of community events and programs. Donations can be made through a tax deductible contribution, serving as a volunteer, or in-kind gifts. All contributions/donations to FC CAN stay in Franklin County to help our family, friends and neighbors get through one of the toughest journeys life can take.

Those seeking assistance or more information can contact us at:

PO Box 74
Brookville, IN 47012
Check out our Facebook page!