Recreational Canoe Races


Date: TBA 2020

Time: 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

2 person teams
$30 pre-registered $50 race day

(Canoe included)

Registration: See you in 2020

Franklin County Public Transportation will provide transportation back to the start after the race

Recreational Race Classes
C-2 Adult Male/Youth2-person team (1 male over 18 and 1 under 14)
C-2 Adult Female/Youth2-person team (1 female over 18 and 1 under 14)
C-2 Fledgling2-person team (each between 10-14 years old)
C-2 Juniors2-person team (each between 15-18 years old)
C-2 Mixed Couples2-person team (1 male and 1 female)
C-2 Mens2-person team (males only)
C-2 Womens2-person team (females only)
C-2 Seniors2-person team (combined age of at least 100 years)
Cancer Survivors Race


Recreational racers will finish by going straight to the other side of the river to the landing after the East Fork joins the west fork

new finish line 2019

The Recreational Canoe Race starts at the tailwaters of Brookville Lake. The race runs the entire length of the East Fork where it then joins the West Fork. The race concludes right after entering the West Fork totaling 2 miles. Transportation will be available after race.

These races are intended for the novice, first-timer or weekend warrior--perfect for couples, parents and children, or those just in it for the fun. The trip entails beautiful scenery on the entire length of the course.

Recreational Race Rules

Recreational Race Course Map

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Canoefest starts at the Brookville Lake Tailwaters, beneath the Brookville Lake Dam. This area is under the jurisdiction of the Army Corps of Engineers, and is not a public put in for boats. Canoefest is allowed to start there under a special permit FOR RACE DAY ONLY. Those putting in at the Brookville Lake Tailwaters at other times are breaking the law and subject to enforcement and penalties.

The primary purpose of the Brookville Lake is flood control, both locally, and nationally, as a part of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers flood control. Water release from the dam can be very low, or dangerously high, with little notice in between. On race day, the US Army Corps of Engineers graciously give us a flow that paddlers love, and is not only fun, but safe and consistent. On other days there is no such assurance. Thus putting in at this location is not only illegal, it is dangerous.

Please respect our arrangement with the US Army Corps and do not put in at the Brookville Tailwaters. For practice on our rivers, there are two liveries in Brookville, as well as public put-ins to take advantage of our great paddling rivers.